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Pet Grooming

Keep your pet feeling happy and clean by regularly having them groomed at Paws Resort. We employ caring and gentle groomers who know how to make your pet look good. Read through our list of pet grooming services to learn more. Not all services listed are limited to dogs. We currently serve clients in San Jose, California and the surrounding Bay Areas.

List of Services

Fabulous Full service 

Deluxe Bubble Bath 

Cat Grooming 


Golden Retriever getting a Deluxe Bath !

Paws and Listen

That Listening Smile

Face, Feet, Fanny

Additional Services 

Special Shampoo 

Flea and Tick Bath (addition to bath)/Frontline Flea Treatment

Nail Trim


Ear Cleaning 

Teeth Brushing 

Anal Gland Expression

Blueberry Facial

Shave Downs and Specialized Cuts


Cat Grooming is also available, for rates and information, please contact our front desk.

Depending on services requested, grooming times vary. Once the groom is complete, the pet parent will be notified. If the pet is not picked up within one (1) hour after time of completion, a full or half daycare fee will apply. This may include having your pet placed into a daycare group.

Late or missed grooming appointments will result in the full charge of the service requested

Prices vary on breed, coat condition and length